The Pen Plotter Emulator

FPLOT Programmer's Notes

If you want a simple way to include vector graphics in your software, FPLOT™ may be your answer. FPLOT is an HP-GL/2 interpreter - so all you have to do is to write your graphics in HP-GL/2. Then let FPLOT handle the display of your plot on the screen and the printing of your plot.

HP-GL/2 is a simple but powerful vector graphics language. It has a rich set of commands that not only allow you to draw lines, but control their thicknesses, colors, etc. A full set of character and font commands are available as well.

FPLOT for Windows implements HP-GL/2 - which is the newer device independent version of HP-GL. You can call FPLOT for Windows from a Windows program. If you want, you can supply a plot file on the command line to open FPLOT with that file. So FPLOT for Windows can be integrated seamlessly into your software.

To learn how to program in HP-GL/2 (for FPLOT for Windows), see the book below.

The Hp-Gl/2 and Hp Rtl Reference Guide :...

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